Poh was formerly managing director of SESAMi.com and led the B2B e-commerce services company from its inception in September 1999 through to the merger earlier this year. The merged company now has a staff of 120, a capitalization of $72 million and a blue chip shareholder base.
“SESAMi Inc has ambitious goals and comprehensive plans for solidifying its position as Asia’s leading e-hub," says Lee Hsien Yang, chairman of SESAMi Inc. "This year will be a crucial one for establishing a dominant position in the consolidating e-commerce space. We are confident that under Mui Hoon’s leadership, this company will become the trusted partner for businesses seeking to fulfill the potential and cost efficiencies of B2B e-commerce."
A 15-year veteran of the IT industry, Poh was previously the General Manager of the Internet Commerce Group at National Computer Systems in Singapore.