Key departures from Citi ECM

Mactaggart and Wallace Turner leave Citigroup.

After 11 years with Citigroup, six of which were in Asia, Kirsty Mactaggart has decided to leave the firm. One of the ECM group's MDs, she ran syndicate and was the longest serving person on the desk by a considerable margin. She is also the most experienced syndicate professional in Asia.

Mactaggart says she is now considering her options and is talking to a number of institutions about future possibilities. Known in the market as one of the region's foremost equity execution specialists, Mactaggart had just returned to Citi from a five month sabbatical last year. During this sabbatical she had spent three months in Scotland, a month in New Zealand and a month in Thailand.

Also departing Citi's ECM team is Serena Wallace Turner, a vice-president, who had spent five years at the firm. She was also focused on the execution side of the business.

Citi's ECM department is headed by Ken Poon, and in recent weeks has seen fairly major personnel changes. Three staff have left, but he has hired Ronnie Potel from Deutsche Bank to focus on the equity-linked business and says there are two other impending hires, which will mean his headcount will continue to be 15. With Mactaggart's departure, the department now has three managing directors.