Equity-collateralised loans, otherwise known as share pledge financing, allow shareholders to access the value of their holdings without foregoing the potential for value accretion. They can often be a powerful and flexible solution for long-term investors who have short- and medium-term capital needs.

Gordon Crosbie-Walsh

However, a traditional perception exists that share pledge financing transactions can have a negative impact on the price of the share collateral, said Gordon Crosbie-Walsh, Asia CEO at EquitiesFirst.  

“This is not necessarily the case and empirical analysis shows the facts.  Results indicate that shares in these kinds of financings often outperform on an absolute basis and relative to the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index”, Crosbie-Walsh said.

The EquitiesFirst research team reviewed all disclosures on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) of share pledge financings in the market. In total, there were at least 29 publicly disclosed share pledging transactions on the HKEX from January 1, 2020 to September 13, 2021, representing 20 unique listings. Most of the companies were from the consumer (cyclical) sector, followed by consumer (non-cyclical) and communication sectors.

Source: Bloomberg

EquitiesFirst analysed price performance of the shares after their pledging disclosures on HKEX through April 2021. According to data, share price increased on average by +0.50% one day after disclosure, +3.00% one week after and +9.60% one month after.

The total price change to-date is +41.90% on average, representing a technical outperformance of 47.90% compared to the Hang Seng Index.


The consistent outperformance of shares employed in pledge financings contradicts the perception among shareholders that such transactions may impact stock price. One potential factor underlying the outperformance is the nature of borrowers using their shares as collateral for loans.

“Borrowers with strong conviction, deep understanding and long history with the stock would consider pledging it for financing and accepting a 60-70% loan-to-value ratio, rather than selling outright,” said Crosbie-Walsh.

The reality is share pledge financings have a long history and are well understood in Hong Kong. As a result, the market frequently does not react negatively or impulsively upon disclosure, he said.

In cases where the new capital will be used to improve the underlying company’s financial position, sourcing capital in this way is highly efficient as it can lower costs and improve the sustainability of the business.

It also demonstrates the long-term commitment of established and significant stakeholders such as the original founders and management.

The results of research findings for Hong Kong stocks are consistent with academic literature surrounding share pledge financing, making it relevant and worthy of consideration by investors and asset owners looking at strategies to access capital.

The 2018 research paper “Insider Pledging: Information Content and Forced Sale”[1] , while focused on companies listed in the United States, reached conclusions very similar to that of EquitiesFirst.

 “When we examine the long-run return, there is significantly positive one-year abnormal stock returns after the disclosure date of insider pledging. The abnormal returns still exist even after allowing for many asset pricing factors and firm-specific risks,” according to the research paper.

Source: Bloomberg


For close to two decades, EquitiesFirst has been a pioneer in providing loan capital against equity collateral. As a global specialist in this type of lending, EquitiesFirst has worked with major shareholders, investors, founders and family offices to structure bespoke financings and provide capital that can be vital and transformative. This has given EquitiesFirst a unique perspective into this market, including the implications for investors and their assets.

Investors who consider equity-collateralised loans share a conviction that the shares they hold will appreciate in value over the medium- to long-term. They are particularly watchful for any potential risk to their value and market perceptions. On that basis, EquitiesFirst conducted an analysis of the entire population of share pledge transactions disclosed in the Hong Kong market. This analysis provides context and insight for equity investors considering accessing capital in this way.

“By structuring our lending transactions as a sale and repurchase agreement, EquitiesFirst effectively takes a long position alongside the asset owner which has placed equity collateral in our custody. This creates a natural alignment of interests to the long-term benefit of both parties,” said Crosbie-Walsh.

It is important to note that findings about share pledge financings reflect specific statistical analysis at a specific time and may not hold true under all circumstances. Past performance is no guarantee of future return and investors should conduct their own due diligence and analysis before making investment decisions.

Furthermore, not all share pledge financing transactions are ‘created equal’. There are important distinctions within the space which must be addressed and considered. Regarding the EquitiesFirst model, the core of the investment strategy is to generate returns over time by managing the portfolio with discipline and prudence.

[1] Hung-Kun Chen, SY Hu. “Insider Pledging: Its Information Content and Forced Sale”. 2018 Financial Management Association Annual Meeting.


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