Anderson steps down from CSFB

Chairman of CSFB''s Asia-Pacific Investment Banking committee leaves firm after 20 years.

After a successful 20 year career with CSFB - spanning New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong - David Anderson has decided to leave the firm to focus on new career opportunities. The news is no big surprise for senior figures within the firm as Anderson expressed his desire to leave last year.

Anderson had moved to Hong Kong from Tokyo a couple of years ago to run the Asian M&A group (including Japan), as well the Energy group. He was also made Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Investment Banking Committee.

His successor in running M&A has long been known - with Colin Banfield taking over the day-to-day management of M&A last July.

The Energy group will now be split between Jeff Hamilton - who will run oil & gas - and Jason Fisher - who will oversee the power sector.

As to the chairmanship of the Asia-Pacific Investment Banking Committee, that will go to Vik Malhotra, who also runs CSFB's TMT group.

In an email sent to CSFB staff, Anderson wrote: "My career at CSFB has given me the opportunity to participate in some of the most interesting market developments and transactions that have happened through the 1980s, 1990s and into the 21st century. I've been able to work with clients throughout the world as I lived in London working in our European M&A group, built and ran our Latin American business, headed our M&A effort in Japan, and headed our energy and M&A businesses in the Asia Pacific basin."

He added: "In November of last year, I advised CSFB of my intention to leave in early 2004. I informed the firm of my decision in November in order to give them ample time to make the necessary adjustments."

He says he plans to take some time to think about his next career move: "I have no immediate plans, other than spending time with my family. My objective in making this change was not to jump immediately into my next career, but to gain a little distance from where I've been and a little clarity on where I want to go. We will remain in Hong Kong for the foreseeable future."