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By Co-published | 4 October 2016
It is crucial to identify which parts of an investment portfolio need treatment to make it work better. Here are some practical examples of weaknesses that could be detected ...
By Richard Newell | 27 April 2016
Forced to offload their most liquid assets of late, oil-based state funds have increased their portfolio risk, according to a report. Meanwhile, more SWFs are in the pipeline.
By Christina Wang | 1 April 2016
In Taiwan, executives from the biggest life insurer and one of the state pension funds outline how they are raising foreign allocations and risk levels in the hope of boosting ...
By Richard Newell | 30 September 2015
Advisers in Hong Kong and Singapore are downbeat about revenue growth for the coming year, in the belief that clients will pull money from markets as interest rates rise.
By Richard Newell | 21 August 2015
The traditional method of setting a strategic asset allocation several years ahead is being challenged in an environment where investors are having to deal with low returns and ...
By Richard Newell | 29 July 2015
The recent stock market slide in China can be considered a cautionary tale for investors taking on too much risk, says Manulife’s chief equity investment officer for Asia.
By Richard Newell | 14 May 2015
Bringing Asian institutions up to speed with global best practice in portfolio construction will be one of the key topics to be discussed on a panel at our Asian Investment ...
By The Editors | 13 March 2015
In this video clip, regional investment director Jeffrey Tan reveals his thoughts on reputational and counterparty risk and the price of real hard assets.
By Steve Price | 30 October 2014
The transfer of assets from sell-side to buy-side firms is diversifying risk and reducing the likelihood of a systemic event, argues Bradley Ziff of technology provider Misys.
By Georgina Lee | 25 April 2014
Hedge funds in Asia are said to be sizing up the need for using shadow administrators as a secondary check, amid heightened regulatory and compliance demands.
By Georgina Lee | 17 February 2014
Stock exchanges need additional volatility limits to prevent wild price swings due to aberrrant orders of derivatives contracts, in addition to circuit breakers in cash equity ...
By The Editors | 18 September 2013
AsianInvestor carried out a webcast with two senior Northern Trust executives to examine the impact of post-crisis regulatory reform on institutional investors in Asia Pacific.
By Joe Marsh , Suzy Waite | 8 May 2013
Asian asset owners have made big gains in sophistication, which some feel could pose a challenge for smaller asset managers.
By Towers Watson | 12 December 2012
It’s time for asset owners to modernise their risk management practices, argues Towers Watson. The possibility of mission impairment gives rise to the need for buffers.
By Jame DiBiasio | 16 March 2012
The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority mismanages its $2.8 billion endowment by doing nothing.
By Joe Marsh | 14 June 2010
The UK firm creates the post of Asia-Pacific chief risk officer and hires UBS veteran Urban Wilde to fill it.
By Simon Osborne | 18 January 2010
Nick Taylor, founder of new start-up Senrigan Capital, explains how his event-driven hedge fund tackles risk and how he came to set up the firm.
By Jame DiBiasio | 3 December 2009
Mutual funds of global bonds, emerging-market equities and commodities enjoyed strong inflows in November.
By Jame DiBiasio | 26 August 2009
A roundtable discussion on risk management reveals market participants have increased the time devoted to ensuring risk is factored into return expectations.
By Edward Russell | 12 May 2009
The first phase of Nomura Asset ManagementÆs upgrade includes automating, cleansing and centralising global equity data in a common format.
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