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AsianInvestment Week is the leading global investment event for Asia’s investment community.

5th Family Office Forum Asia

The Family Office Forum North Asia takes place as part of AIWeek (May 29th to 31st in HK) and is an exclusive gathering for a select group of single and multi family office leaders in Greater China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.


2nd COO Forum

Chief operating officers from companies across the region gather in Singapore to debate key issues at AsianInvestor forum.

ESG Investment in Asia

Investors and regulators gather at Eaton House in Hong Kong for the latest insights in the increasingly important environmental, social and governance field.


Event Highlights


Finding The Way Through The Smart-Beta Maze

Over the past five years, smart beta investing strategies have become a central investing option. Most asset owners consider there is value to be had in focusing upon different factors to articulate their investing or risk preferences. And increasingly they are combining multiple factors to better fit their perspectives of capital market performance versus their portfolio needs.
This webinar will delve into the latest developments in factor-based investing in Asia Pacific. We will discuss what combinations of factors are proving the most popular among investors in this region, whether these will change, and the growth potential for factor-based investing in new asset classes.
Moderated by Richard Morrow, the editor of AsianInvestor, we will discuss: 
  • Asian institutional investor engagement with factor-based investing: how much factor investing has gained traction among Asian investors versus those in other regions
  • The most popular factor blends today — and tomorrow: the webinar will analyse what multi-factor investing approaches are popular and whether they will change
  • Recent development of smart beta benchmarks: we will consider how factor-based indexes have evolved and will continue to do so
  • Examples of multi-factor investing approaches by asset owners: participants will use example case studies of how and why investors introduced factor-based strategies
  • Key challenges to consider – dos and don’ts: what are the key considerations when looking to introduce factor investing, or increase its complexity?
  • Smart beta in new asset areas: Factor investing is becoming more popular in fixed income and other areas. We will consider the appeal of these newer asset approaches
  • Adding strategic overlays into factor-based strategies: How best to combine factor approaches with strategic goals
  • How technology will impact factor-based investing: we will discuss how artificial intelligence and quantitative analytical tools could change factor-based strategies


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