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By Bernadette Tio , Joe Marsh | 11 March 2016
The country's funds industry expanded amid tricky conditions last year, by Securities Commission figures, but investors are told to brace for lower returns in 2016.
By Min Ho | 9 September 2015
Brokers prop up China stocks; Safe authorises new players for interbond market; and more.
By Joe Marsh | 10 December 2014
The country's securities regulator brought the charges against Tiong Kiong Choon in relation to his sale of APL Industries shares while in possession of non-public information.
By Bernadette Tio | 9 December 2014
The Securities Commission has responded to suggestions it is moving too slowly in terms of implementing the Asean Collective Investment Scheme compared with other countries.
By Joe Marsh | 10 April 2014
A two-year jail sentence and RM3 million fine against Philip Wong were upheld yesterday in Malaysia, setting a new benchmark for penalising market manipulators, says the ...
By Georgina Lee | 25 February 2014
The custodian has hired a former central banker in Kuala Lumpur as it looks to tap rising demand for servicing of international investments in Asia. A Korea office may also be ...
By Joe Marsh | 21 August 2013
The Securities Commission will cooperate with the EU under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. But the number of Malaysian fund houses marketing to European ...
By Georgina Lee | 18 February 2013
CIMB-Principal and HSBC want to learn if ETF managers/custodians can share fee revenue from sec-lending. Confirmation from the regulator could unleash a wave of securities for ...
By Joe Marsh | 27 January 2012
The new hires will oversee the administrative arm of the country’s forthcoming voluntary private retirement scheme.
By Joe Marsh | 26 January 2012
Managers can now apply for licences to provide products under Malaysia’s proposed private retirement scheme. The Securities Commission answers AsianInvestor's questions ...
By Edward Russell | 9 December 2009
MalaysiaÆs Securities Commission grants Goldman Sachs licenses for fund management and corporate finance.
By Rita Raagas De Ramos | 20 March 2008
The market is witnessing a sharp increase in the number and size of approved sukuks, and investors are showing an interest in new and innovative structures. The last of a ...
By Rita Raagas De Ramos | 19 March 2008
The introduction of product guidelines and best practices has been critical in the development of the Islamic capital market. Part three of a four-part interview with Nik ...
By Rita Raagas De Ramos | 18 March 2008
The market claims a critical mass of sharia experts and scholars who can advise on sharia compliance, and a pool of investment management professionals to manage Islamic ...
By Rita Raagas De Ramos | 17 March 2008
Malaysia has an equities market that is 86% sharia-compliant, it is the worldÆs largest issuer of Islamic bonds, and it has 134 Islamic unit trust funds. Part one of a ...
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