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By Christina Wang | 13 May 2016
The deputy director-general of the securities and futures bureau at Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission discusses the challenges of introducing pension fund member choice.
By Richard Newell | 27 April 2016
Forced to offload their most liquid assets of late, oil-based state funds have increased their portfolio risk, according to a report. Meanwhile, more SWFs are in the pipeline.
By Jame DiBiasio | 7 April 2016
We have identified the five most crucial challenges facing the asset management industry. Today we outline number two.
By Joe Marsh | 24 February 2016
Pension funds in the region recognise that investing more in alternatives has implications for their governance models, so they intend to make changes on that front.
By Richard Newell | 18 February 2016
Pauline Vamos, one of Australia's leading advocates on pensions issues, is moving on and will consider both domestic and overseas roles when she departs at the end of June.
By Richard Newell | 1 February 2016
As Hong Kong's Mandatory Provident Scheme Authority releases its 15-year performance review ahead of reforms due this year, the city's funds industry still sees issues to be ...
By Richard Newell | 4 January 2016
Defined-benefit schemes must boost returns to meet their liabilities, and they plan to do so by strengthening their investment and risk management resources.
By Jame DiBiasio | 21 December 2015
The country's labour and finance ministries are fighting over control of the introduction of corporate pension funds.
By Richard Newell | 3 December 2015
The $100 trillion in pension assets must reach at least $500 trillion in the next decade, but the industry is highly complacent on the issue, says Josef Pilger, co-author of a ...
By Richard Newell | 16 June 2015
Towers Watson's Peter Ryan-Kane provides some solutions to the funds industry's failure to meet long-term objectives, as a poll shows how little investment professionals think ...
By Joe Marsh | 6 November 2014
Assuring a big chunk of Japan's huge retirement funds will be invested in domestic equities is unhealthy, says Jo McBride, publisher of the Japan Pensions Industry Database.
By Joe Marsh | 3 November 2014
The Australian firm’s purchase of a stake in China Life Pension Company highlights the growing allure of China’s retirement segment, said industry expert Stuart ...
By Cherie Marriott | 25 July 2014
The country’s superannuation funds have not tended to be big investors in hedge funds, but the likes of HostPlus and Rest Super are looking to increase their allocations.
By Yvonne Chan | 27 January 2014
The new partnership between Mizuho Financial and Partners Group comes as Abenomics spurs Japanese pensions to seek higher-yielding products, such as alternative investments.
By Jame DiBiasio | 29 November 2013
We republish Jame DiBiasio's award-winning feature on Korea's National Pension Service.
By Joe Marsh | 21 November 2013
The consultancy’s global pensions practice head notes the rising quality of Asian alternatives managers and their rise as sources of financing, among other things.
By Min Ho | 18 April 2013
And Asian wealth as a whole is over-concentrated in property and bank deposits, finds a Manulife survey.
By Joe Marsh | 5 February 2013
With the yen expected to cease its inexorable rise, retirement plans in Japan may finally look abroad for yield. That will please foreign fund houses.
By Joe Marsh | 18 October 2012
Asset managers are braced for a rise in the number of regulatory inspections and tighter rules around fund sales and insider trading in Japan.
By Leanne Wang | 13 July 2012
East Asians must take more responsibility for their pension needs, as government- and employer-backed systems struggle to provide sufficient retirement income, finds a new study.
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