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By Joe Marsh | 7 August 2013
Australian investors appear to be shunning their domestic mining industry, leaving the sector hoping that Asian firms – particularly private ones – will fill the gap.
By Joe Marsh | 17 April 2013
China is also falling out of favour, while Japan and Malaysia are rising in popularity, according to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s monthly fund manager survey.
By Joe Marsh | 22 January 2013
The commodity ETF provider is in the process of replacing Nigel Phelan and plans to make further hires this year.
By Joe Marsh | 20 November 2012
The investment company has partnered a local firm to raise capital from Asia to invest in African and Latin American infrastructure and resources.
By Joe Marsh | 6 November 2012
Private equity and infrastructure specialists are trying to satisfy sovereign funds' rising demand for energy-related investments.
By Joe Marsh | 20 September 2012
The London-based exchange-traded commodity firm has won approval to operate in Hong Kong and relocated two executives to run the Asia business.
By Joe Marsh | 13 September 2012
Specialist investor EIG Global Energy Partners expects to ramp up its Asia investment activity and is looking to work with more pensions and sovereign wealth funds in the region.
By Jame DiBiasio | 2 August 2012
Korea’s National Pension Service plans to invest in the Posco Woori EIG Global Fund, designed to help Posco access global natural resources.
By Joe Marsh | 26 June 2012
The French firm has expanded its Russian-speaking coverage to the region through a recent senior appointment in Singapore.
By Joe Marsh | 2 May 2012
Qatar is partnering the UK bank on private equity opportunities, with Barclays putting investment staff in Doha. The QFC Authority says more seeding partnerships are pending.
By Joe Marsh | 27 April 2012
The alternatives arm of asset manager Vontobel aims to hit capacity for the product within five years with the help of sales through private banks in Asia.
By Joe Marsh | 23 March 2012
The firm is also looking at allocating more to higher-yielding equity and fixed-income assets, noting how hard it is to achieve target returns these days.
By Jame DiBiasio | 7 November 2011
Chinese demand for base metals is insatiable but the Chinese don’t like high prices; is zinc the new copper?
By Leigh Powell | 4 November 2011
Not enough investment is going towards future commodities supply, but global uncertainty is hitting the average price of natural resource stocks, argues Robeco in a white paper.
By Rupert Walker | 24 August 2011
A secular shift in demand and supply constraints sees commodities fund manager James Govan of Barings take a positive view on the sector, despite the global equity meltdown.
By Leigh Powell | 22 June 2011
The emergence of a global middle class is a developing trend that could result in another rally in commodity prices in the next few years, argues Robeco in a white paper.
By Joe Marsh | 2 March 2011
The Japanese hedge fund is bullish on copper, grains, palladium, rubber and soy beans, and is launching new strategies to take advantage of investor demand for the asset class.
By Joe Marsh | 23 February 2011
The UK firm hopes to list exchange-traded commodity products in Hong Kong, Singapore and ultimately Shanghai, says its new director for Asia, Nigel Phelan.
By Jame DiBiasio | 25 January 2011
Barclays Wealth investment strategist Aaron Gurwitz says investors should look past worries in both East and West to focus on developed-market stocks.
By Jackie Horne | 29 November 2010
The co-founder of Tiburon Partners talks to us about why he likes volatility, commodities, and rare earths, and the benefits of investing in Asia out of London.
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