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By Bernadette Tio | 6 January 2017
Some argue that hedge funds will benefit both from the support of US president-elect Donald Trump and increased volatility. But many institutions are reluctant to invest in them.
By Bernadette Tio | 24 May 2016
Bryan Goh, the Swiss private bank's Singapore chief investment officer, talks AsianInvestor through the firm's use of investment products.
By Bernadette Tio | 12 May 2016
Why pay private banking salaries if you're running a brokerage, asks Bryan Goh, chief investment officer at Swiss private bank Bordier & Cie.
By Joe Marsh | 29 February 2016
Opportunities in private financing are rising, say executives from Bordier, Cambridge Associates and Silverhorn Investment Advisors. So how would they access the asset class?
By Joe Marsh | 27 January 2016
More wealth industry consolidation looks inevitable in Asia, as firms face higher costs, margin compression and rising competition from independents. They must adapt, but how?
By Richard Newell | 9 December 2015
There's still value for investors in seeking the 'mini Warren Buffetts', but they have to contend with many hedge funds not worthy of the name, argued panellists at an ...
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