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By Andrew Foxwell | 22 January 2015
Emerging-market equity holdings have fallen sharply this month, with India a rare bright spot, according to the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch fund manager survey.
By Min Ho | 18 December 2014
China, India and Japan are popular right now, while Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore are out of favour, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's monthly fund manager ...
By Steve Price | 30 October 2014
The transfer of assets from sell-side to buy-side firms is diversifying risk and reducing the likelihood of a systemic event, argues Bradley Ziff of technology provider Misys.
By Joe Marsh | 17 April 2014
Investors remain heavily underweight emerging market stocks, with India one of the few countries in favour, finds Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s fund manager survey.
By Joe Marsh | 20 March 2014
Allocations have switched from overweight to underweight the two markets amid record low emerging market sentiment, finds Bank of America Merrill Lynch's monthly fund manager ...
By Elva Muk | 15 January 2014
Wealth management products will attract big flows from deposits, thus pressuring banks, says UBS's head of China equity strategy. He also expects share prices to be hit by the ...
By Joe Marsh | 13 November 2013
Investor confidence has risen globally, but equities are seen as being at their most expensive for nearly a decade, according to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s fund ...
By Joe Marsh | 14 August 2013
Despite being extremely bearish on emerging-market equities generally, fund managers are keen on selected Asian markets and the major developed markets.
By Suzy Waite | 15 May 2013
As investors brace for a China slowdown, there are signs of optimism about Europe, and Japanese stocks remain in favour, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's fund ...
By Leigh Powell | 23 April 2013
In a survey of global fund houses in the second quarter, none are underweight equities, with Greater China, emerging markets and Asia-Pacific ex-Japan the most heavily favoured.
By Joe Marsh | 17 April 2013
China is also falling out of favour, while Japan and Malaysia are rising in popularity, according to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s monthly fund manager survey.
By Min Ho | 20 March 2013
Investors are increasingly concerned about the prospect of a hard landing for the world's second biggest economy, finds Bank of America Merrill Lynch's fund manager survey.
By Leigh Powell | 15 February 2013
Global investors maintain their bullish stance and ignore warnings that risk assets may be vulnerable to a correction after a seven-month rally, finds BoA Merrill’s fund ...
By Georgina Lee | 17 January 2013
The sovereign wealth fund’s executive VP, Jesse Wang, labels proposed US and UK regulatory change “anti-globalisation” and challenges Hong Kong to step into ...
By Min Ho | 17 January 2013
It's too soon to predict a structural shift in allocations from fixed income to equities, says Neill Nuttall of JP Morgan AM. But opinions are divided and contrary data is ...
By Leigh Powell | 19 September 2012
Sentiment on Europe rises, with investors reporting the largest divergence between US and European equity valuations in the history of the BoA Merrill fund manager survey.
By Leigh Powell | 16 August 2012
Allocators report the biggest jump in growth expectations in three years, but move only modest sums to equities. Emerging markets is the top regional overweight.
By Min Ho | 19 July 2012
A growing number of investors expect a stronger Chinese economy in the coming year, yet allocations to the market have fallen.
By Jame DiBiasio | 27 April 2012
The country’s Financial Services Authority believes that deleveraging European banks pose a potential threat to Japan’s economy.
By Leigh Powell | 22 March 2012
They turn positive on the eurozone, but sentiment dampens for China and Asia-Pacific. Fewer expect further rounds of quantitative easing amid growing inflation expectations.
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