Asset owners across Asia are facing unprecedentedly difficult investment conditions. A seemingly endless era of zero-to-low rates are depressing yields from traditional fixed income asset classes. Major and long-term geopolitical changes, a worldwide de-globalisation movement, and the enduring pain of covid-19 are causing strategic allocation uncertainty.

Building the right investment process to adapt to constantly changing norms has never been more urgent. Developing the right technological infrastructures, powered by a sophisticated operating model, as well as having the right data analytics capabilities, and crucially the right talent, are the only ways asset owners and managers can achieve sustainable growth. The implementation of such a model requires future-looking c-level executives working collaboratively with their service providers.

The ‘Investment Process of the Future’ webcast is aimed at the entire c-level of leading asset owners and managers, from operations to technology, administration to investment, and information to risk. Convening c-level executives from asset owners and managers alike, it will highlight:

  • How the shockwaves of covid-19 can prepare a strategy for future disruption
  • How different organisational functions can work together to create an investment process that is adaptable to constant external changes
  • How to build an effective ‘digital-first strategy’ that spans across different investment functions
  • How to identify and keep top talent for increasingly changing roles
  • Making sense of data in a world of data ‘over reliance’

Leading the Transformation of Asset Servicing