There is evidence that a well-executed TPA can provide a return benefit of 50 to 100 basis points per annum over a traditional, SAA-based approach (Total Portfolio Approach – A global asset owners study into current and future asset allocation practices. Thinking Ahead Institute). However, investors must be prepared to fully commit to the organisational design, with the potential changes to operations and investment support systems that it implies, if they are to fully reap these benefits.

SimCorp, in partnership with AsianInvestor, will conduct a webinar that dives into the TPA approach.  This webinar will cover: 

• The shift away from traditional, Strategic Asset Allocation to TPA
• The impact of TPA on capital allocation, internal culture and governance 
• Is TPA worth the time, cost and effort? 
• The biggest challenges of implementing this approach
• What asset owners need to do to effectively execute TPA’
• A panel discussion