There is ever-growing demand in today’s fast-paced world of finance for unique data streams to help guide investment decisions. From geotagging to sentiment analysis through natural language processing, a myriad of options are now available. Data management professionals, quants, research teams, and data scientists are all looking for new sources of alpha to help differentiate their offerings – but even the best raw data cannot be useful in isolation, and requires processing and context. Our panel of experts looks at which alternative sources are truly useful, and how they can be benchmarked against and integrated with more traditional data sources.

During this in-depth webinar, we will discuss:

  • How to deploy and execute an effective overall data management strategy
  • How to get the most out alternative data and data science programs
  • Analysis of key trends in data usage and alternative data demand in 2020
  • How the right datasets can guide technology planning and investment
  • Who can benefit the most from alternative datasets, and how