An interactive discussion with market experts to explore the value, opportunity and liquidity in Asian fixed income to help asset owners tackle the reality of low rates.

As post-pandemic portfolios strive to adapt to a market environment that shows little consensus, the Asian investment grade universe seems a more rational bet than most. It accounts for almost 80% of the region’s USD credit, which offers higher yields than US or Euro equivalents with lower duration. 

Investing in Hong Kong dollar debt, for example – along with other Asian USD bonds, typically issued by large, stable or government-related institutions – also enables diversification, risk management and a way to shore-up risk-adjusted return targets at a time when any sort of stability is highly sought after.

Providing insights and practical take-aways - this session will include a brief outlook on the macro environment for the rest of 2020, plus implications for fixed income portfolios, especially Asian (including HK dollar) bonds.


Key discussion points to include - 


New approaches to asset allocation and risk management within the fixed income universe - to prepare portfolios for a post-pandemic era

The outlook for Asian fixed income - and how this fits within the broader macro context

Ways to tackle a ‘lower for longer’ rates environment via Asian debt

Key factors in weighing liquidity vs yield amid today’s environment

Where next for the Hong Kong market - including challenges and opportunities for HKD bonds