Buoyed by the impact of Covid 19, asset owners in Asia have finally responded to the urgency of ESG adoption and quickened their pace to include ESG in their investment processes. From exclusion to inclusion lists, investing in green bonds to building an ESG mandate and framework, asset owners are changing their investment behaviours to move toward ESG adoption.

Yet there are still challenges ahead. Universal ESG standards and reporting will likely never materialise, so asset owners must devise a clear roadmap to how they will manage an ESG portfolio in the future. For Asian asset owners, there lacks sufficient ESG coverage in the region. And performance measurement is another major issue as both asset managers and asset owners cannot fully replicate developed market models as information across different Asian countries is disparate and challenging.

Join us at this inaugural event where we gather asset owners and managers to share their experiences in building their ESG framework and review how they are addressing issues around ESG considerations. They also discuss in-depth on how they include ESG considerations into different asset classes and how they prepare themselves for a net-zero future.

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