Insurance companies have been hamstrung by low interest rates for years. Their fixed income-heavy portfolios have taken a further hit by the ongoing pandemic. And geopolitical developments are compounding matters, while the world searches for a vaccine and central banks take drastic QE measures to keep the real economy afloat.

Apart from above disruptions, insurance companies are facing regulatory changes such as RBC and IFRS17. These will challenge insurance companies’ ability to balance between their solvency position and risk appetite. How can CIOs perform the best asset allocation in a time of heightened uncertainty? Will the pandemic loss push insurance companies to actively look at ESG investments? How to build a defensive portfolio against market volatilities?

Insurance Investment Week will bring together chief investment officers from the region’s insurance companies to discuss how they are rebalancing their portfolios and managing risks, as well as the future of insurance products, so that they can ride the disruptions to come.