Asset owners acknowledge that while strategic investments are long in duration their portfolio construction is often haphazard and lacks the structuring required to capitalise on future trends. Because of sustained low yields from fixed income, their risk profiles are being pushed and they are finding the returns they need in other asset classes, particularly in the private markets.
Yet in order to fulfil their fiduciary duties and achieve their long-term risk-adjusted return targets, they need to become more sophisticated. Building in-house investment capabilities has proved to be of value, but it’s expensive. As does understanding the best access points in private markets. Ultimately asset owners will have to grapple with structuring their portfolios in a way in which they can achieve their long-term goals in an era where traditional investment strategies no longer deliver the required returns.

The virtual event gathers 200+ leading asset owners to discuss how major trends, technologies and demographics are changing the way they will calibrate their asset allocation strategies over the next ten years, discuss whether public or private markets are the best way accessing to Southeast Asia and Chinese markets, and determine the best way of approaching fixed income in a low-yield world.

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