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Wednesday, 19 June, 2019

Japanese corporate pensions aim to add to alts

Japanese corporate pensions aim to add to alts

Overseas private equity markets are gaining traction despite concerns about illiquid assets, said corporate pension executives at AsianInvestor's Institutional Investment Forum in Tokyo.

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China plans to further open up private pension market

The country is approving a wider range of asset management products as eligible pension products as it wants more people to invest for their retirement.


Asia's investors reassess amid signs of US slowdown

Signs are growing that the US economy may be slowing after a record period of sustained growth. That poses questions for Asian investors, most of who have some US exposure.


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How to make credit research pay off

Taking an active approach to managing fixed income portfolios can be the key to outperformance. Doing this effectively matters in Asia, in particular, given the higher risk of defaults in 2019.



Headwinds ahead: Time to get active with objective-based multi-asset strategies

The end of the current growth cycle is looming on the horizon, but choppy market conditions are no reason to be pessimistic, according to Schroders' Simon Doyle who urges investors to get active because there's no such thing as a free lunch.


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Asian Bond Watch: New global survey shows keen interest in Asian fixed income

A new survey by Greenwich Associates reveals many global investors are considering Asian opportunities given that low yields in the US, Europe and Japan have proved advantageous for those investing in Asian fixed income assets.



Institutional Investment Forum China

Institutional Investment Forum China

Sep 18, 2019


Institutional Excellence Awards

Institutional Excellence Awards

Dec 3, 2019


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