Stock Connect

The scheme will link the Hong Kong and Shanghai exchanges and allow institutions and wealthy individuals to trade cross-border. The launch is expected next month.

25 November 2016
The equity trading link will go live on December 5, with Chinese insurance firms expected to boost flows into Hong Kong and hedge funds showing interest in Shenzhen stocks.
23 September 2016
AIA's China CIO expects mainland insurers to pour up to Rmb200 billion into Hong Kong equities, after the regulator said it would not view Stock Connect investments as foreign ...
8 September 2016
Mainland insurance firms have been granted permission to buy Hong Kong stocks via the Stock Connect, a move that should spur more southbound trading and free up QDII quota.
22 August 2016
Following the announcement of an ETF trading link to be created between Hong Kong and China, industry players outline the features they most want to see from its establishment.
17 August 2016
The long-awaited trading link received approval yesterday and is set for launch in December with no aggregate volume limit and exchange-traded funds to be included next year.
7 July 2016
Flows into Hong Kong stocks via the trading link has accelerated, while A-share investment has been tepid, amid renminbi weakening and rising demand for foreign assets.
9 May 2016
China's securities regulator has confirmed that fund firms' clients legally own securities held in QFII and RQFII accounts, as it pushes for inclusion of A-shares in MSCI's ...
18 January 2016
The chairman of China's securities watchdog argues for stronger risk controls in and tighter oversight of the funds industry, and acknowledges flaws in its regulatory approach ...
18 November 2015
Mainland individuals are looking to boost their offshore exposure, but their return expectations – while lower than in the past – remain stubbornly high, an ...
5 November 2015
China's central bank posted an article this week saying that Shenzhen Connect would launch this year, raising hopes among investors. But the document turned out to be some six ...
26 October 2015
The small-cap equity ETF will list today in Hong Kong with the aim of trading via the Shenzhen-HK Stock Connect, despite uncertainty over the trading link's launch date.
15 October 2015
Securities and Futures Commission chief executive Ashley Alder is effusive about regulatory collaboration with China, but remains tight-lipped over Shenzhen Connect and MRF ...
18 September 2015
Tobias Bland, the firm’s CEO, sees no reason why it can’t list its Chimerica ETF on the mainland bourse, but takes a fresh swipe at the fund approvals process in ...
17 September 2015
Fund managers debate concerns that Hong Kong’s stock market is beholden to the immaturities of trading in mainland China.
12 August 2015
The joint-venture asset manager is preparing a mutual fund designed for trading on the upcoming Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, despite market fears over delays to the ...
17 July 2015
The last regulatory hurdle to Ucits trading on Stock Connect was removed yesterday when Ireland's financial regulator set out the rules framework for Dublin-domiciled funds ...
16 June 2015
China's onshore market is far more accessible than even three years ago, says CSOP chief Ding Chen. And a market-watcher claims barriers to MSCI A-share inclusion could be ...
12 June 2015
Quantitative strategies are predicted to increase their presence on Stock Connect this year. They could benefit through their computer models' ability to process large data ...
26 May 2015
China's regulators want to see more use of Stock Connect before they will be willing to grant Hong Kong additional RQFII quota, a senior market watcher tells an AsianInvestor ...
19 May 2015
Regulator sets out beneficial ownership situation for Stock Connect's foreign investors, months after the trading link went live. The move could pave the way for the launch of ...
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