Fixed income

The great rotation from fixed income to equities is yet to occur. But the future of the asset class is up for debate as the Federal Reserve looks to taper its QE programme.

14 September 2016
In the second part of an exclusive interview, AIA's chief investment officer Mark Konyn discusses his disappointment over the lack of Asian bond market development, and the ...
7 September 2016
Taipei-based Taiwan Life aims to outsource some $200 million of its overseas equity investments in the coming 12 months and to raise its foreign bond exposure.
28 August 2016
Taiwan's Fubon Life, with $95 billion in AUM, is putting its faith in North American large-cap credit this year and adding private equity exposure, but will be more selective ...
15 August 2016
Asian bonds are offering considerably higher yields than their European counterparts, hence institutions' preference for the former, says Peter Ryan-Kane of Willis Towers Watson.
3 August 2016
Invesco aims to directly invest in China's interbank bond market this year, says its Asia-Pacific head of fixed income. The firm expects to see up to $400 billion in flows from ...
14 July 2016
The hedge fund firm has completed its five-strong emerging market debt team under Guillermo Osses, who discussed his post-Brexit outlook and positioning with AsianInvestor.
5 July 2016
Global market turmoil and uncertainty, exacerbated by the Brexit vote, is seen leading more asset owners to move beyond traditional strategies in search of stable returns.
28 June 2016
Bonds are still a good investment, despite expected US interest rate rises, says Robert Tipp, senior portfolio manager at PGIM Fixed Income.
20 June 2016
Fund managers say the global hunt for yield is exacerbating the liquidity problems in Asian bond markets and have their doubts about how the issue can be resolved.
16 June 2016
The opening of China's interbank bond market to foreign asset owners offers unprecedented investment opportunities. Unfortunately these are counterbalanced by equally high risks.
2 June 2016
Investors should add to their emerging market debt exposure given favourable valuations and external conditions, argues Amundi.
20 May 2016
Bond allocators are in some disarray, after minutes from Wednesday's Federal Open Markets Committee meeting suggested one or two US rate rises may be on the cards this year.
20 May 2016
The Taiwanese insurer will boost its overseas fixed-income allocation in developed markets, but is reducing its renminbi debt exposure and remains underweight equities.
18 May 2016
In the second of two articles on China's newly opened interbank bond market, AsianInvestor outlines what investors should know about mainland rating agencies.
16 May 2016
In the the first of two articles on the newly liberalised Chinese interbank bond market, AsianInvestor finds fund managers keen to tap mainland corporate debt but wary of the ...
12 May 2016
The Taiwanese insurance company is planning to boost its exposure mainly to fixed income, with a focus on North American debt. It has also been increasing its property allocation.
6 May 2016
Following a substantial increase in its cash holdings in the first quarter, Taiwan's biggest life insurer will increase its already chunky allocation to offshore debt.
4 May 2016
Please take a second to vote in this week's poll (right, if viewed on a desktop computer), brought to you by Amundi. It is the second of three to focus on emerging-market debt, ...
22 March 2016
The firm’s bond CIO favours EM debt, European loans and safe havens for its insurance portfolios. He does not see the Fed raising rates quickly this year, nor the ECB or ...
17 March 2016
BMO's funds arm will release its five-year outlook today, in which it sees China, India and Japan helping drive a worldwide economic recovery, despite a huge increase in global ...
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