Electronic trading

Electronic trading

8 August 2014
Electronic trading is getting a boost from the take-up of integrated platforms used for cross-asset transactions, which have soared in popularity in the past year or so.
7 January 2014
New e-trading rules start in Hong Kong, SFC cuts lapse time for approvals, Tiger Asia case ends, US derivatives regulator approves SGX and CFTC allows local compliance.
5 September 2013
They argue that incoming regulations governing the monitoring of algorithmic trading are often counterintuitive and leave them potentially liable for unforeseeable trading risks.
25 March 2013
Asian investors are increasingly using single-dealer e-trading platforms that they say offer anonymity and spread improvement, rather like dark pools for equities.
22 January 2013
Asian fund houses might need to pay fewer brokers for more sales trading amid smaller commission payments if trading volumes do not rebound.
16 October 2012
Although Credit Suisse was voted by buy-side traders to be best for electronic trading, the field is far more competitive now.
11 October 2012
As the buy-side shifts to electronic trading for low-touch orders, banks' program trading desks are redefining themselves to assume more of a hand-holding role.
19 September 2012
The trade body would be the first dedicated to electronic trading issues in the territory and would provide true cross-industry representation, says veteran trader Philip York.
27 August 2012
Sebi has streamlined rules on algo connectivity, but whether this brings about improved execution in India is open to debate as smaller players oppose greater usage.
5 July 2012
Why do some firms automate processing of Asian equities but not fixed income?
3 July 2012
A proposed exemption on users of proprietary trading systems (PTS) from a mandatory takeover rule is expected to drive market fragmentation.
13 June 2012
Stamp duty is seen as prohibitively expensive for high-frequency traders after IMC shuts its Hong Kong trading desk and makes two-thirds of its HK staff redundant.
8 June 2012
Asia buy-side traders are moving away from volume-weighted average price as an algo benchmark to better align interests with portfolio managers.
15 May 2012
Exchanges and governments are largely to blame, with Hong Kong a particular culprit and a profit margin that leaves Apple in the dust.
11 May 2012
Australia's move to charge HFT participants based on the number of messages they send to the exchange is self-defeating, but may be copied, warns Deutsche Bank.
9 May 2012
The head of Hong Kong’s securities regulator says it is processing dark pool applications again after a hiatus amid concerns about retail investor protection.
17 April 2012
An upgrade and new data centre for hosting services may spark interest in algorithmic trading strategies on Hong Kong stocks, as latency is reduced to below two milliseconds.
13 April 2012
The advent of electronic trading has thrown commission arrangements into disarray.
2 April 2012
Buy- and sell-side executives agree high-frequency trading has become a fact of life in Asia and will permeate into fixed income.
21 March 2012
Glenn Lesko, Instinet’s Asia CEO, expects to see more dark pools set up in Asia – by large regional banks, among others – and hence more tie-ups such as this one.
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