By Dr Insup Lee | 5 days ago
Two of the country's state pensions, the Public Officials Benefits Association and the Police Mutual Aid Association, have reportedly had differing fortunes in their hunt for ...
By Leigh Powell | 16 November 2015
‘Hank’ Ahn Hong-chul, chairman and chief executive of Korea Investment Corporation, may have quit due to a report alleging improper conduct, according to local media.
By Leigh Powell | 10 November 2015
Ahn Hong-Chul has reportedly resigned as president and chief executive of sovereign wealth fund Korea Investment Corporation, with sources unsure as to reasons behind the move.
By Dr Insup Lee | 9 November 2015
The chairman and chief investment officer of the $450 billion state retirement fund have been forced to step down after a disagreement between the two.
By Leigh Powell | 26 October 2015
Choi Kwang has refused to resign after being accused of overstepping his remit. He has reportedly opposed government plans to turn the pension fund's investment office into a ...
By Leigh Powell | 15 October 2015
Korean asset manager says the industry can't survive with products based on past market conditions after joining forces with high-conviction firm US firm to deliver pension ...
By Dr Insup Lee | 14 October 2015
The Scientists and Engineers Mutual Aid Association has issued a multi-million request for proposals to global fund of hedge fund managers, to be finalised this year.
By The Editors | 25 September 2015
AsianInvestor hosted its fifth annual Korea Asset Management Awards at the Westin Chosun on September 8. Here we present a gallery of photos from the dinner.
By Leigh Powell | 24 September 2015
Institutions such as Hanwha Life and the Military Mutual Aid Association say bad experiences from the 2008 crisis have led them to diversify alternatives exposure and be more ...
By The Editors | 23 September 2015
AsianInvestor hosted its ninth annual Korea Institutional Investment Forum at the Westin Chosun hotel in Seoul on September 8. Here we present a gallery of photos from the event.
By Bernadette Tio | 21 September 2015
Industry welcomes move by Singapore's financial regulatory authority to go public with tax criticism of ARFP passport scheme. They say it could force Australia and Korea into a ...
By Leigh Powell | 17 September 2015
They explain the factors that determine why they choose one manager over another as they look to step up allocation to global markets and alternative assets.
By Dr Insup Lee | 16 September 2015
The $14 billion fund has set ambitious targets to raise allocation to global securities and alternative investments in a drive to squeeze higher returns from its portfolio.
By Leigh Powell , Bernadette Tio | 15 September 2015
Singapore’s regulatory authority has issued a clarification to AsianInvestor explaining why it chose not to sign the Statement of Understanding for the planned fund ...
By Leigh Powell | 11 September 2015
The UK house, which has suffered outflows amid souring EM sentiment, has unveiled a new hire in Seoul in a drive to expand activities under its representative licence.
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