By Joe Marsh | 3 days ago
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea have jointly proposed a model for the Asia Region Fund Passport, and two new members have joined the consultation process.
By Georgina Lee | 15 November 2013
Despite super-typhoon Haiyan being the biggest storm ever to hit the Philippines, fund managers remain positive on the country’s long-term outlook.
By The Editors | 29 October 2013
AsianInvestor and FinanceAsia hosted the inaugural Rising Stars of the Philippines conference in Manila this October. Here is a gallery of photos from the event.
By Jame DiBiasio | 22 October 2013
Theresa Marcial-Javier, head of the country’s biggest asset management business, speaks to AsianInvestor about how the industry can develop.
By Suzy Waite | 20 August 2013
This marks the first time the central bank's provident fund has mandated a foreign asset manager to run a portfolio, in this case for domestic equities.
By Suzy Waite | 17 June 2013
The recent falls in Asean stock markets have created a tremendous buying opportunity, says investment director Abdul Jalil Rasheed, but further falls could be coming.
By Joe Marsh | 31 May 2013
CEO Rick Waddell says the firm does not intend to seek a licence to conduct onshore custody business in China, but is targeting Asian family offices.
By Suzy Waite | 9 May 2013
The firm will soon roll out a Dublin-domiciled Asian fixed income product. It also expects more Japanese money to flow offshore and sees Philippine bonds as particularly ...
By Suzy Waite | 2 May 2013
Private equity house Armstrong Asset Management points to a dire need for investment in the clean energy sector in Southeast Asia.
By Georgina Lee | 27 February 2013
The Philippines is set to finalise rules for locally listed exchange-traded funds soon, and industry players are hoping for domestic and foreign investor buy-in.
By Joe Marsh | 7 December 2012
The Malaysian pension fund and the Canadian insurer's Philippine unit agree that Asian debt is a riskier investment than in the past. So what alternatives are they looking at, ...
By Georgina Lee | 7 September 2012
Even though Philippine stocks are trading at a premium to Asian markets, investors are attracted by a strong domestic growth story. But that's not to say there aren't downside ...
By Yvonne Chan | 1 August 2012
The country's public sector employees' pension fund is among the cornerstone investors for the infrastructure PE vehicle.
By Joe Marsh | 27 February 2012
The CEO of the Philippine Stock Exchange says the bourse is working closely with the securities regulator and seeing significant progress on various market developments.
By Joe Marsh | 26 May 2011
The $7 billion Social Security System is posting strong returns on its portfolio and is also mulling Reits and infrastructure assets, but has no plans to invest offshore as yet.
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