By Joe Marsh | 10 January 2017
AsianInvestor spoke to Asia-Pacific chairman Chris Heady about the private equity giant's regional approach to property investment and the potential impact of Donald Trump's ...
By Joe Marsh | 6 January 2017
AsianInvestor spoke to Chris Heady, Asia-Pacific chairman and Asia head of real estate at the private equity giant, about co-investment, personnel and LP trends.
By The Editors | 16 December 2016
We explain why New Zealand Superannuation Fund and Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund won our Institutional Excellence Awards for ESG and overall governance, respectively.
By Richard Newell | 8 December 2016
The CIO of Australia's Future Fund, AsianInvestor's Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Year, discusses the challenges of managing pension portfolios and its approach to co-investment.
By The Editors | 8 December 2016
Today we kick off our explanations of why we selected our institutional excellence award winners in different markets, in alphabetical order by country.
By The Editors | 6 December 2016
Over the coming days AsianInvestor will explain the choices in our Institutional Excellence Awards. First up: our sovereign wealth fund and insurance firm of the year.
By Toby Yiu | 29 November 2016
The Chinese asset manager is looking to feed demand from its parent insurance firm for foreign private assets, and Australia is attracting more interest amid uncertainty over ...
By Cherie Marriott | 18 November 2016
Superannuation funds are seeking the inclusion of more financing layers, notably mezzanine debt, in infrastructure investment deals, say sources.
By Cherie Marriott | 15 November 2016
With steady yield hard to come by, superannuation funds are taking bold steps to satisfy their thirst for infrastructure, such as by making unsolicited proposals for regulated ...
By Richard Newell | 4 October 2016
The asset manager intends initially to hire two executives to originate transactions locally, in response to rising infrastructure activity in Australia, AsianInvestor can reveal.
By Richard Newell | 13 September 2016
Many asset owners do not know whether or not they can trust the valuations reported by infrastructure managers, and feel they need new products to better invest in the sector.
By Richard Newell | 8 September 2016
The $26 billion superannuation fund's investment head outlines plans to boost exposure to infrastructure, international equities and liquid alternatives and expand the in-house ...
By Richard Newell | 1 September 2016
The $93 billion state investor has beaten its return target for its first 10 years – though not the past financial year – but expects the next decade to be ...
By Richard Newell | 29 August 2016
EY has analysed the tax treatment of domestic funds versus foreign products that may be marketed under the Asia Region Funds Passport, to see what progress needs to be made.
By Richard Newell | 8 August 2016
The AI300 survey, revealed in full in AsianInvestor's July issue, saw marked changes among the lowest 100 organisations, with new Korean entrants and Australian super funds on ...
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