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4 days ago
More flows are likely into insurance-linked strategies, private equity and trend-following strategies/CTAs, given the benefits of such investments, argues LGT Capital Partners.
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11 July 2016
Steven Carroll of Thomson Reuters explains how portfolio managers can gain a real edge by using factor-based models.
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5 July 2016
The Hong Kong-based asset manager is expanding its business both in China and outside Asia Pacific, with a view to helping mainland investors raise their international allocations.
By Sponsored Profile | 4 July 2016
As investors fret about China's slowdown and the pace of structural reform, they risk missing out on great opportunities in e-commerce and infrastructure, says Craig Chen, CIO ...
By Jack Lin | 19 May 2016
Investors should embrace a different way of investing which may reduce directionality while offering the potential for enhanced diversification and truly uncorrelated alpha.
By Gaurav Mallik | 5 April 2016
Concerns have been raised about investors ‘chasing performance’ by investing more into expensive factors like volatility and could suffer from a sharp reversal of ...
By Chaoudhary Wajahat Naeem Azmi | 23 March 2016
The International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance pits the performance of socially responsible funds against sharia-compliant peers and unearths some interesting findings.
By Kevin Anderson | 29 February 2016
Kevin Anderson, head of investments for Asia Pacific at State Street Global Advisors, proposes re-conceiving the 60/40 investment framework to cope better with prevailing ...
By The Editors | 12 January 2016
Thomas Poullaouec, head of investment strategy for Asia Pacific at State Street Global Advisors, discusses how portfolios can be enhanced by adopting factor-based strategies.
By Naomi Denning | 11 January 2016
Private markets help complete portfolios by accessing exposure that is not available through publicly listed assets. Willis Towers Watson looks at how to implement such strategies.
By The Editors | 19 November 2015
Jo Van de Velde, global head of product management at Euroclear, highlights how regional payments harmonisation provides lessons for global securities markets.
By Euroclear | 7 September 2015
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Investors expect every step in the fund transaction processing lifecycle to be robust and transparent. But is this possible?
By AMP Capital | 22 July 2015
AMP Capital's Tim Humphreys explains what investors are looking for when they move into infrastructure. He sets out the differences between listed and unlisted assets, and how ...
By HSBC Global Asset Management | 23 June 2015
The prospect of US interest rate hikes has spurred fears of a potential sell-off in global bond markets. Asian fixed income markets have been relatively resilient, despite the ...
By HSBC Global Asset Management | 19 May 2015
Offshore RMB bonds delivered lacklustre returns for most of the first quarter but have recently seen a significant turnaround as liquidity conditions have improved drastically. ...
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