By Co-published
23 November 2016
The ambitions of Asian countries to build local fund capabilities is competing with Ucits, the traditional cross-border fund vehicle. Industry experts discuss the ramifications ...
By The Editors
3 November 2016
The French asset manager points to opportunities in emerging market fixed income, with low volatility and signs of a sustained trend of stronger returns.
By Co-published
4 October 2016
Which risk do you see as being the most significant for EM investors today: US interest rate rises, a hard landing in China, currency volatility, global trade barriers or ...
By Co-published | 4 October 2016
It is crucial to identify which parts of an investment portfolio need treatment to make it work better. Here are some practical examples of weaknesses that could be detected ...
By Co-published | 29 September 2016
INCEIF explains how such instruments would benefit both investors and issuers.
By Co-published | 26 September 2016
Which region do you think currently offers the best opportunities for EM investment: Asia; Eastern Europe and Russia; South America; or Middle East and Africa?
By Co-published | 19 September 2016
Which emerging market strategy do you believe will perform best in the coming year: equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity or real estate?
By Co-published | 5 July 2016
Which Asian emerging stock market do you see as offering the best opportunity right now: China, India, Indonesia, Korea or Thailand?
By Co-published | 30 June 2016
Jang Dong-hun, CIO of Korea’s Public Officials Benefit Association, discusses how and why he is ramping up alternative and overseas exposure, along with passive equity ...
By Co-published | 28 June 2016
Bonds are still a good investment, despite expected US interest rate rises, says Robert Tipp, senior portfolio manager at PGIM Fixed Income.
By Co-published | 27 June 2016
Would you take a global emerging-market equities approach, or go regional and focus on Asian, Latin American or Emea stocks?
By Co-published | 2 June 2016
Investors should add to their emerging market debt exposure given favourable valuations and external conditions, argues Amundi.
By Co-published | 10 May 2016
Please take a second to vote in this week's poll (right), brought to you by Amundi. It is the last of three to focus on emerging-market debt, which will help provide background ...
Islamic banks are not so different from their conventional counterparts, and this needs to be addressed, finds research from The International Centre for Education in Islamic ...
By The Editors | 4 May 2016
The CEO of BEA Union Investment discusses where progress is being made and where further liberalisation is likely in respect of the Hong Kong-China cross-border fund scheme.
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